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Jameelah Lewis

Jameelah Lewis

Jameelah Lewis

Hello to all, my name is Jameelah Lewis. I made it to the place where I need to be. I’m very excited and grateful to be at The Highlander School.

I am married to my best friend, Desmond Lewis and we have a daughter name Laylah Lewis. She is a student here at The Highlander School. I enjoy working with young children and watching them explore, learn, and grow. I believe children are confident and competent and recognize that they have voices, rights, and beliefs of their own and should be heard. Even though I have worked with young children for almost 14 years, I continue to learn more about early childhood education.

In my leisure time, I enjoy watching movies, shopping, skating, and bowling with my family. I love, love, love being around my family; we are very close-knit.

My hopes and dreams as a wife, a mother, and as an educator is to live in a world that is filled with love, compassion, empathy, and happiness.

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