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Serai Christian

Serai Christian

Serai Christian

Hello, my name is Serai L.Christian. I was Born and raised in Queens, New York. At the age of 14, my family relocated to small town in the outskirts of Atlanta called Ellenwood. I’m the proud mother of our two toddlers and expecting our new addition to our family in January.

While in Georgia In my teens I obtained a summer job working at a neighborhood daycare assisting and teaching four year olds. It was there where I discovered my love for children and teaching. At the time I was also very much into art and so I had attended the Art Institute of Atlanta where I was able to learn different aspects of art and techniques in illustration.

At the age of 25, I relocated back to New York on my own and discovered while there that my passion for education had grown strong. In order to feed that hunger, I decided to attend Bankstreet College of Education where I had taken classes in Early Childhood Education. Over time and through experience, I learned when I worked in the classroom I always incorporated art. It allowed my students to be able to identify and use their senses in other ways that made them better students. This is what teaching is about, being able to give our children more than just repetition and recite . Creativity allows children to have stronger imaginations and in future life situations to think on their toes and have innovative ideas. In my progression as an educator to further my experiences, I obtained a position as an Art Instructor at Sunshine Early learning Center in Harlem. There I was the school’s art instructor. Currently, I’m enrolled at Georgia State University where I will be studying Early Childhood Education starting in the fall.

In my experiences, traveling between both cities, I learned that a child’s love for learning doesn’t change with every new face. I’ve learned that they all are in need of a loving heart and one who isn’t afraid to see the world with them through their eyes; or to give them a chance to share what’s in their heart as well what’s in their minds. I’m very excited about working with all of your children here at The Highlander School.

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