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Tara Blassingame

Tara Blassingame

Tara Blassingame

Hello, my name is Tara J. Blassingame. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As a daughter of librarians, I’ve always placed a high regard on education.  I graduated from the Philadelphia High School for Girls, which was one of the top three high schools in the city.  Directly after, I attended Pennsylvania State University where I studied Theatre and English.

Throughout my life, I have always believed in the power of education through creative means and the lifelong impact that it can have upon the student.  I did not expect that passion to lead me to the amazing path that I find myself on now!  From the ages of 11-16 years old I volunteered as a Jr. Camp Counselor and Jr. Dance Instructor at Caanan Institute of the Arts in Philadelphia.  Soon after, as friends and family began to expand or start their families, I consequently began my babysitting career.  In college, while working and attending classes, I still thought it was important to “pour into young people” and therefore volunteered as Assistant Counselor at the Park Forest Baptist Church Club for Girls.  This was my first time having the chance to gather with a team of people to imagine and design the best and most creative ways to teach our students; both the process and outcome were very intriguing.  As a theatre student I played a vital role in organizing the production and performance of two major Penn. State University children’s theater productions – The Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl and The Island of Anyplace by Charles Marz.  

All of this training came to a culminating point when I became a Part-Time Daycare Assistant at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA in Fall 2011 where I worked with children from the stages of infancy up to 6 years old.  Here I also had the chance to help develop and implement policies, systems, and creative lesson plans. Above all, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the academic and social advancement of the children while learning to incorporate lessons purposed for positive character development.  I believe that life is full of teachable moments – moments that can be used to enrich the lives of young learners – be they inside or outside of the classroom.

In September 2013 I attended and graduated from an Early Learning Substitute Teacher Program provided by the United Way of Greater Atlanta, and approved by Bright From the Start: Georgia Department of Early Learning.  Through this program, I was soon connected to The Highlander School.


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