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Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill

Hi! My name is Tracy Hill. I was born in Queens NY, but raised in Atlanta, Ga. I have loved children since I was one myself. I recall memories of ‘playing school’ in my driveway on many occasions! I also started baby-sitting when I was 13. As I progressed through life my love for children and music grew. I went on to major in Elementary Education at The University of Tampa. I noticed the lack of a level playing field for under-privileged children and decided to go back to the system that educated me, The Atlanta Public School System. My first year I was assigned 3rd grade, a benchmark year for CRCT (standardized testing, ewwwwww!) I was absolutely sure children learned in a better method than the one I was being forced to comply with. I taught in the Dekalb County School System as well.

Having a more nurturing and creative mind, my philosophies didn’t really match with what I was teaching. I left public schools and began teaching at a private pre-school that was Reggio inspired. I really appreciated this philosophy and was glad to be lead to it, as it was not a part of my college teachings! Having the freedom to observe and document younger minds made me want to really study early childhood development (0-5). I felt like a researcher and an auntie!

In the meanwhile and in between while, my music career begin to development. I began writing songs, expressive dance, playing the violin and singing all around 3rd grade. I was always in a singing group; from quartets to jazz bands and chorales. I was fortunate enough to travel to Czech Republic, England, France, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Egypt, France, Kenya and Germany all because music chose music! I was even able to work with children through orphanages and schools overseas. What wonderful and free beings children are, worldwide! I executive produced and released my debut album, ‘Tracy’s Tiers’ last year and I travel & perform with my band ‘Passion Moon’ and a corporate band, ‘Ascension’.

I enjoy loving relationships, music, working with children, cooking (and eating:), hiking, researching, dancing, playing scrabble, meditating, traveling, writing and making people happy! I am so elated to be working with Rukia and The Highlander School Family. I am excited to offer our little ones an environment of belonging, support, awesome materials and the freedom to explore. I have learned so much and can’t wait for this beautiful exchange to commence!

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