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Experimenting with Dye

The children have been exploring ancient traditions of dyeing with natural products through the guidance of earth-centered practicians in our community. During Mother Earth Camp this week, the Toddler One children enjoyed diving deeper into experimenting with beet powder to dye and repurpose fabric. 

We invited the children to feel the texture of the powder. We placed the powder in a large bucket and crushed up the powder. This in itself was a great sensory experience. The laughter and joy in breaking down the powder were beautiful. 

Once the powder was all broken down, we invited Cairo to pour in the warm water. The water was poured into the powder and the children stirred the dye with their hands, allowing the children to see how the powder was breaking down into the water. The next step was to add the fabric! The children’s conversations have been evolving into not just answering questions, but also having back-and-forth talks with each other.

Cairo : I do water.

Nico : I want turn.

Charlie : It’s purple!

Once the children were done submerging the fabric into the dye, they began lifting it up to study their beautiful work.

Cypress: Oh wow, that’s amazing. 



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