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Preparing Fufu

During Mother Africa Camp, Ms. Akou shared the tradition of preparing a popular West African dish, Fufu. We believe that learning carries many dimensions. Children have the right to play and to learn of the traditions held by our communities shared.

Akou’s Reflection:
The Toddler Two children invited friends in the Infant Living Room to join in this experience. They started by watching videos of women pounding yams to make Fufu in Africa. The children then explored the texture of the yam before they cut it.
Ms. Akou: How does it feel?
Wyatt: It’s hard!
Kennedy: It’s hard.
As Ms. Akou guided the children, Kennedy in turn modeled how to cut and peel the yams for Lucia, who was visiting from the Infant Living Room.

Kennedy : Do it like this.

After they washed the yam and put it in the pot, they boiled it for a while. When it was done cooking, Wyatt helped to pound it until it became the dough we call “Fufu.” The children took the Fufu to the playscape to share with the other children at the school.

Ms. Akou prepared a stew to accompany the Fufu. The children happily navigated using their hands to eat the Fufu while dipping it into the stew. Ms. Akou shared with the children, that in her village: “It’s the food we eat everyday. If we don’t have yams, we use yucca if we don’t have yucca, we use plantains. I love the way the children embraced my culture and found joy in diversity.”


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