Enrollment Deposit and Monthly Tuitions

For new families, we require a deposit of a half of a month’s tuition at the time of enrollment that will be applied toward the last month’s tuition. 

Payment is due on the 25th of each month. If payment is not received by the first of the month, a $20 late fee will be assessed for each day, for five days. If your account has not been paid in full within 5 business days, your child may not attend school until the account has been brought current. After 15 days of nonpayment, enrollment may be forfeited.

 Class Room

Days – Full Time
5 days
Mon – Fri

3 days
Mon, Wed, Fri 
2 days
Tues & Thur 

Infant Room (6 weeks – 12 months)

$1,525 Monthly

Toddlers One

$1,400 Monthly

Toddlers Two

$1,400 Monthly $850 Monthly $650 Monthly

Multi-Age: 3 & 4 year olds

$1,350 Monthly  $850 Monthly $650 Monthly 

The monthly fee is constant from month to month. There are no reductions for absences (planned or unplanned) or school closures (see Holiday Schedule) or unplanned closures due to inclement weather. Families may chose a 10 month or a 12 month contract at the time of enrollment. Requests to have a 10 month schedule must be made at the beginning of the school year.