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On The Horizon

The process of opening a progressive preschool has been a spectacular journey!  A journey full of joy, cheerleading cheers and detours. Formal education and  a life time of experiences working  with young children and their families didn’t prepare me for the “pot holes” of zoning and construction. However, these small setbacks have failed to vanquish my unwavering dream to open an early childhood program that embodies a holistic approach. 

After years of conversation and planning, The Highlander School has found an amazing home in the East Atlanta Village acquiring a bungalow that has served its community well and operated as a daycare facility since 1974…the year I was born! In need of a little love and care, I chose to temporarily close the facility for renovations. So through perseverance, the skills of a tireless architect and the responsiveness of officials from the City of Atlanta, we’ve passed the first hurdles of obtaining a permit and being to create a beautiful space for young children, their families and children. So the dream of opening The Highlander School is on the Horizon…



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