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Remodeling Our Home

Nana's Thumb Up!

I was ecstatic to find a “home” for The Highlander School! After years of searching for a facility in town Atlanta, specifically in East Atlanta…I stumbled upon “the bright yellow house”.  Built in 1941, the “bright yellow house” had served its community well, operating as a day care center since 1974 under various owners. Needless to say  it needed some love and tender care.


Through Layla's Eyes-The Front The School

Layla’s Photo


Layla -age 3 You need to paint the house a new color!
Rukia: What color should I paint it?
Layla: Pink and Purple! You need to paint it pink and purple. I love those colors!



The School is Packed Up

…so we packed up the school!

Looking Over Plans

…Looking over the plans

demolition-hammering away

The demolition begins!


 From the beginning, I  knew wanted the school to look and feel like a home away from home. Our plans were to increase the square footage for each child, adding outdoor porches, updating the flooring,electrical,plumbing and heating and cooling systems. Oh and a new roof and a new paint job!



 So I have to confess…I didn’t do much respect to the demolition. A couple of swings with the hammer and I was done!





The Yellow is Gone!  




And the progress continues….























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