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Akio’s Gift: The Story of Our Logo

Making a decision to use an image to represent your business and philosophy can be daunting.  What do your beliefs look like? What message should it convey? So often the answers to our questions  appear as a gift  from unexpected places. Such a young child, new to this country, struggling to speak the language and creating connections with her peers. A child who uses the language of drawing to communicate and represent her thoughts. Her eloquent work, encompassing never ending images of friends holding hands, laced with smiles, swirls and adorned with hearts. Akio’s work, offered as gifts to her friends, was her vehicle for making connections and creating “conversations”. Her creations and how she used them, reminds me that if I listen with with an open mind and full heart, I can honor the many ways that children communicate.

I’ve always known that I wanted children’s work and perspectives to be fully inter woven into “What We Do”  at  The Highlander School. If the decision to find a image to represent our beliefs had been daunting, they we’re quickly laid to rest. I couldn’t imagine a more authentic way to visualize love and a sense of belonging.  So its an honor that The Highlander School’s logo and various images  are a gift from Akio and her family for they truly embody “Who We Are”!




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